I am looking to trade my Harley for a FWD pickup w/LS and a set of snow tires, or I will accept $12k in cash. The bike, a 2006 Softail Deluxe, 88 cubic inch engine, is completely chromed, with dual exhaust fishtails, power clutch assist, accent deep purple halo LED's; recurve crystal clear windshield from Clearview Shields; tear drop mirrors, extra large leather saddle bags, leather tool bag, some original Harley tools, custom leather Mustang style rider and passenger seat with leather backrest, and eagle fender ornament with LED eyes. Rider and passenger floor boards so your lady can wear her heels. The bike is fitted with Howard's Dual Trumpet Air Horns. The bike also has fitted two additional auxilary lamps on the forward engine guards for a total of 5 headlamps. Even the blind see this bike at night. Also has clock, air, and oil temperature gauges in addition to the gas gauge. The bike has the premium Harley security system and remote distance monitoring via an included rechargeable pager. Also included is a Swan 2.4 Ghz night/day wireless transmitting security camera that attaches to a tv or monitor -no computer necessary. The bike has been maintained like a newborn baby (all maintenance records in HD's computer) and runs like brand new from the factory. I also have the HD repair books for the bike, incl. the electrical book, and a pile of other goodies to go with the bike, including a heated 2pc undersuit, heated socks, and 2 sets of heated gloves -all of which plug into the bike and let you ride all year 'round, 3 helmets (one of which is leather covered), and a TomTom GPS mounted. Other goodies include top quality polishes and cleaners, etc. Bike received 15k service 09/2012 and I have changed the oil twice since then. I am the original sole owner with a clean title in my name. I need a late model, fwd pickup in the same fine, verifiable, condition, preferably 6 cyl with winch and trailer hitch. Fair offers will be considered.
FAQ's: The pipes are not loud. I had straight shots for a few years but the neighbors complained bitterly and then came rumors that the NYPD would be enforcing noise ordinances. These pipes are pretty quiet but the low-end rumble is still there. The bike is book legal -you should do what you want regarding pipes. The air horns are on the side of the bike that is not pictured. I will add photos in the coming days. At the moment I do not recall the brand of battery I put in, but it easily carries the load of lighting and heating, with plenty of spare capacity. I went 6 years on the first, stock, battery so I am confident that my new one should go to 2018 if you use the included tender during the winter. One pair of the heated gloves needs to have one connector cord respliced. If you lack a soldering iron, I can do it for you. But if you own a bike, you should own a soldering iron, lol. The shocks are hidden under the bike, but are easy to adjust to your preference without need to raise the bike. The rear tires still have whiskers; the front whiskers have only recently started to go so you still have a lot of mileage yet before you even have to think of changing tires. There are 2 auxilary 12v sockets in addition to a tender-charging socket; this is great when you go camping because you can plug in a solar panel, etc., while using power items. The windshield is detachable, as is the passenger backrest. (Rider backrest is "built-in" as you can see in photo.) The POW flag is faded and worn and should be changed. The American flag is in excellent condition. All of the LED's work great -you can also add on many more. Most all of the bulbs are relatively new -but I do have spares which I am including. The spokes have not, surprisingly, ever needed tightening up. (Routine maintenance says you should check them twice a year.) Yes, this can be a first full-sized bike for you -motorcycles are not handled with muscles as Isaac Newton's laws prove. But my own opinion is that this bike should not be the very first motorcycle you ride. Insurance for the bike with the add-ons is about $375 a year in NYC, but that rate is obviously personal to me. You need to inquire with your own insurer as to what your rate might be. My insurer (State Farm) values the bike at $20k though this bike could not be put together again for less than $30k no matter who you know. I think the bike weighs about 1000 lbs, but that is my own estimate. Yes, I have taken my hands off of the handlebars on the highway and the bike ran straight as an arrow. Yes, I have had the bike up to 110 mph but that does not mean anything. If you like to ride at that speed, you need to bore out the engine and change up the tires.

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